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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gay Foot Fetish 2: Sexy Male Foot Model Roman Trebenka - MF4U

In this clash of the middle weights it is impossible to tell who has the upper hand. Both wrestlers are strong, well built and fast. Each can take down the other with their strength but it's the speed that will play the biggest factor. Patrik Lukasz in the black trunks has lots of experience with the oriental arts and knows the throws and places to attack. Jindrich Hanzel is the baby faced outsider who, although a new comer to Submission Wrestling Nude XXX has the natural ability to become one of its regulars. Things are tight and a winner is hard to pick but as the rounds go by and shorts come off, both competitors oil up and finish each other off with a generous hand job.

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Roman Trebenka 

Another classic set from Roman Trebenka proves that he is a powerhouse of sexual energy and one that cannot be denied their place here as feature set today. Getting right down to basics he removes all his clothes and soon lays before us totally nude. Focusing on the smooth sheen of his inner arch skin the cameraman moves right in to give us a closer look. With fire to melt even the coldest of Christmas hearts, this is one guy to warm your hands around. - FREE Tour - FREE Tour Page - FREE Tour Page

Austin Wilde & Brandon Lewis

Austin Wilde - On The Set

Austin Wilde - Who Is Mr.Wilde?

 underconstructionboys - UCBoys

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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